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2001 Selbu, Norway

The 7th FICC rally! And not so far away either.

This year we haven't planned a thing. We're only going to Norway. We even forgot the passports at home. But we have never needed them before, going to Norway.

20/7Starts off even easier than usual and goes only to Enköping. Finds Stig on the way and camps at grandfather's yard. The summer arrives with our first day and we sat out until the middle of night and it was so nice.

21/7 Today we go a bit further than yesterday, all the way to Mora. There are better pitches to stand in, at Mora camping, than the ones we got. But the weather was fine.

23/7 Another day moderately long to Sveg. It is a very nice camping. Not at all big, but very well situated.

24/7 We had looked forward to stay at Östersunds camping, but we were very disappointed. Nobody can do anything about the weather, but somebody ought to have checked the pitches to see if they were suitable to use. Half our pitch was a mud hole, so we took half of Stigs to be able to get in and out.

26/7 Today we go abroad. From Östersund we go towards Åre and Storlien. The customs office looked more or less deserted and we couldn't care less! The road from the border towards Stjördal is very beautiful. A long time it's only downhill, following the water. We arrive about 13.00 in Selbu, beside the lake Selbu. The rally is both on Årsöya and on the mainland. The Swedes is on the mainland, but so are the Swiss, some Norwegians and Englishmen from the Motor Home Club.

We usual don't tell much about the weather but now we have to. It is quite fantastic how fast the weather can change and with what speed the clouds go by on the way to Sweden (?). On one occasion it rained, not to much. And then it started to pour down like a shower! For about 20 seconds, then somebody turn the faucet off and not one drop fell! One day the clouds went awfully fast and we saw big blue holes in the sky and thought now it is going to be WEATHER. But look and behold from another direction other clouds came and covered it all up. If the sun was out it was quite warm. But it was not many hours during the stay that it happened.

We didn't get steady rain, be always thankful for that.

2/8 We take another road from the rally to Sweden. Past Tydal, Brekken, Röros and Klarälven down towards Värmland. Up in the bare mountains. It so beautiful you couldn't believe it, but cold, 3 degrees centigrade and bitter wind in the sunshine. Reindeers and sheep go along the road as they please. We actually saw an older sheep putting a younger one out of the way so we could pass. How about that!

We ended up in Höljes in north-western part of Värmland. This is a nice little camp site with restaurant. Since we hadn't bought anything special in Norway, we ate at the restaurant. Nothing is cheap in Norway either.

3/8 Continues through the valley of Klarälven and it is so beautiful. We arrive at Läppe Camping in the afternoon. This is also a nice camping.

4/8 We're home again.

The whole holiday: 2034 km

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