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With this homepage we want to tell you a little about our holidays with caravan in Europe. We, that is Kent Haga (b 1946) and Inger Haga (b 1953). Our first caravan was bought in 1989. It was a small Knaus Südwind 420TK. After that we have changed now and then, and we are now wearing and tearing on our 8th caravan (2001). All the changes has not been done due to the fact that the caravans were no good (only 2 has been no good) but mostly due to the fact that we hadn't found the caravan for us.

Up to 1996 our son Robert went along with us but after that he doesn't want to come with us anymore. His decision, not to spend the holidays with a caravan anymore, also led to change of caravan.

We want with this site share our experiences thru Europe, tell you about good camp sites (and bad ones), good roads and even "bad" ones.

If you want to get in touch with us, please e-mail us

Something changed: 2005-11-06

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