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2000 Lechbruck am See, Germany

We had really waited for this rally. Lechbruck am See is in Bavaria, almost as far south in Germany as you can get.

19/7 The first day we don't get that very far. The Caravan Clubs camping in Borensberg, Borensäng. The camping was more or less flooded. It is beside the lake Boren, and when it rains too much the water in the camping cannot sink due to the lake. We stood behind the sanitary building. Not so nice perhaps, but OK for just one night.

20/7 We had looked forward to visit Dalabadets Camping in Trelleborg again. It is some years now since we last were here. We suppose that it looked as before, but the seasons guests were more, which means that it is hard to get a pitch with electric hook-up. The grass was yellow here. Hadn't they've seen rain in a long time?

21/7 Morning ferry. Hmmm! Thank heavens, no night ferry. But instead this is a 7 hour trip before we are in Travemünde. The Camping in Lübeck, Schönböcken, had been recommended to us by Stig and Aira, so we just had to check it out. Quite OK. A small shop in the area. Nice shower rooms. Not far to Citti and Lübeck city. Not walking distance, but you can cycle.

23/7 The camp site outside of Goslar had seen better days. The shop had things but not much. Breakfast bread could be ordered, and that is nice. The showers looked nice. The road outside the camping was a little disturbing, but not much.

24/7 Today where going to another camping recommended by friends (their from Motala), in Dinkelsbühl. Nice! Terraced, but not so steep road. Nice shower rooms. Should you just stay for 1 night you were place on the same terrace as the garbage containers, but you don't have to stand next to them. The gadflies liked it on this terrace. Not funny at all. Shop, breakfast bread, beach, cycle distance to the city. We're coming back!

25/7 Rothenburg ob der Tauber is about 50 kilometres north of Dinkelsbühl and is has a town wall. Here is a shop that sells Christmas decorations all year round. We went round and looked and looked. We bought 2 beer mugs and 2 schnapps glasses with motives from RodT. We enjoy walking around in these kinds of cities. No stress or press. The big hamburger chain had a shop here, of course. But no big yellow M was to be seen. No. There was a small dangling sign (of iron?) with the name on. Perfect!

27/7 Arrived at Lerbruch am See (Ler is mud in Swedish). Sorry! It is not the organizers fault that it had rain too much, but...

It had rained quite a bit down here in Bavaria too. It was hard to get the caravan in place. See photo. The second day we were here, we went into the village by car to shop. When we came back we could only state that anymore tries to get car out was useless. Too muddy for a front-wheel driven car.

This rally had gathered a lot of Englishmen, they had (just like us) thought of the efficiency of the German people and thought that this would be something special. But the English, both clubs, was even worse placed than we were, and some of them wanted to leave 2 days after arrival. Sea of mud is almost to kind.

There was a bus going to the village so you could shop. A giant beer tent was in the area, here hot meals was served. This was the place for the entertainment at night.

We were more than 90 vehicles from Sweden and that was almost a record when it comes to FICC-rallies. And it turns out this way. Sad!

1/8 We give up, we're tired of the raining. And we can't go anywhere with the car to make excursions of our own. We have ordered the tractor to pick us up at 1. It came at 10. It takes the caravan to the less muddy road. Kent managed to drive the car to the road. When we arrive at Dinkelsbühl (I told you so) the suns shining like crazy and it is 28 degrees centigrade. Lovely.

2/8 We drive down to the village, and parks outside the town walls. Inside you need some kind of parking ticket. We take a long walk in the village. What old houses. Some of the houses have small signs telling us about the year it was built and restored. Cool. The king Gustav II Adolf saved this village from being plundered, during the war that lasted 30 years (30-åriga kriget).

3/8 Today we go about 30 kilometres south, to Nördlingen which also has a town wall. It seemed a bit over restored so to speak. The houses didn't look as old as the signs said. In Nördlingen there's supposed to be a railway museum. We searched and searched but didn't find any. We will continue another year.

4/8 Heads for Mosel. At Longcamp we take another road to get to Traben Trarbach. According to our newly bought map it is a red road, like a bundesstrasse. But it gets narrow and more narrow, winding and more winding like a road in the alps but not as steep. The road was marked L. At a left turn a couple of motorcyclists stood to have a break and they just stared when we came, going down. Luckily we didn't meet anyone. We arrive at a suburb to T T and then another. Shortly after that we stood in a square and Kent asks were to go now. I said 'straight ahead, because there must the river be'. And it was. Then it was the normal way to Nehren. The wardens recognize us now and are so very helpful, in spite that we don't speak any (little) German. For example, we managed to borrow a extension cord (ours was too short) with the help of the words Strom (electricity) and Kurz (short).

Here we met the family Dahlqvist from Sandviken. After much talking and so, the decision is that they're going to follow us when we leave on Sunday.

6/8 8 Kent's been nagging about to go to Kassel again, but I don't feel like that. So we select another camping in that direction. In the camping book it says (translated from German);
"A7 Kassel-Hannover, junction 75, Hedemünden/Werratal through Hann. Münden to B3, direction Kassel, after approx. 7 kilometres turn right and follow the signs."
Piece of cake, right?? Well, after approx. 7 kilometres we turned right, it was the only road marked on our map. We don't remember the village name. We didn't see any signs. The road become a L-road and Kent started to think that he must find a place to turn around and go back, but to find space for two cars with caravans was impossible. Suddenly a sign appears showing a camp site, to the left. Down on it we go, and now it starts winding again (like the road to T T). Now we were on a road marked K! More narrow than ever, but we didn't meet anyone, luckily. Then we were in Knickhagen and saw another sign to the camping, to the right. A bit ahead we saw hill going to heaven it seemed, but the sign still showed to the right. Phu! We hade never managed to get up that hill. And now we saw a walking path! But the road turned a little to the right and we were there, at the camping. Both the Dahlqvists and we wondered how it had happened.

Quite a nice camping, inside a leisure area. Many seasons' guests. Fresh bread for breakfast could be ordered. A small gasthaus with a very nice jägerschnitzel. Nice showers and toilets.

On the wall to the reception was a map over the leisure area and we now saw that we had arrived to Knickhagen on back roads.

7/8 Leaving Knickhagen through Knickhagen and comes to B3 directly. Oh well, we turned right to early. Oh well, it was the co-drivers fault.

9/8 8 We take a cabin on the ferry back to Sweden. Now we can sit as much as we like. It cost only 374:-SEK since we're going by day. During the night it's more expensive.

Osby camping has declined a bit since we were here the last time. How many years ago? But for one night it is OK.

The whole holiday: 4034 km

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