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1999 Lincoln, England

Our second trip England with caravan! This time we have partially company. But we started out alone.

This trip has probably been the best, nicest and the most interesting trip we've ever made, so far.

6/7 We start of easy, approx. 125 kilometres. There is always a pitch for you at Krakaborgs Camping in Arboga. It is close to the E18, so the traffic can be disturbing during the night. Nice shower rooms.

7/7 If you want to get a pitch at Getteröns Camping in Varberg you have to arrive early. We arrive about 14.30 at was OK. The camping has its own pizzeria. Very nice!

8/7 This ferry, between Varberg and Grenå, ought to be more visited. Very spacey and it takes only 15 minutes more than the one between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn. Goes like the wind through Denmark. It's being quite boring to travel here. Stops at IKEA camping.

9/7 Today we meet our travel companions, at camping Nehren (as usual). Stig and Aira will shows us the way through Europe (!) and then we shall show them the way in England.

11/7 Today we cross three borders; Germany-Luxemburg, Luxemburg-Belgium and Belgium-France. Near the coast, in Bray-Dunes is the camping, named Madams camping of our friends. We don't want to come here again. Nice house for the wardens. The warm water was perhaps there every other day, against a fee.

12/7 The positive thing with the ferry to England is that you gain 1 hour. England has two major camping clubs. The Caravan Club (TCC), and the Camping and Caravanning Club (TCCC). Often the clubs have campings close to each other even though it seems that TCC has more campings than TCCC. Today our aim was the camping Sandringham Estate, but TCCs was full (they said, we thought we saw several empty pitches). They phoned (thank you) to the other camping and asked if they had any free pitches. They had. It was only a couple of kilometres away. What spaces! See photo.

14/7 Found our way to Clumber Park. They warned for thieves since the area wasn't fenced (!). If you wanted to get rid of something you should just leave outside the caravan at night. It didn't happen to us. Clumber Park has 5 entrances which you pay admission to. If you are camping you get the admission back. The camping receipt is also valid as parking ticket within the park. We had planned to go to the other clubs camping, but we found this one first.

15/7 If you are at the edge of the Sherwood Forest you must take a closer look at it. The photo shows the Major oak and it was really MAJOR. But there were lots of oaks in the forest with many years to them.

Victorian Gardens is located within the Clumber Park and showed different plants and tools from queen Victoria's time. When we visited the gardens we saw the other camping close by.

16/7 The camping in Barnard Castle, or should we say beyond Barnard Castle, took the wind price this year. You almost thought it was half storm, but it was not a chilly wind. A narrow, one lane road (n a r r o w, don't meet anyone) from the main road to the camping. We were lucky not to meet anyone.

17/7 Today we passed the border to Scotland. You go through Perth a little on the way to the camping Scone. It is situated beside a trotting course. Here we were taught that the distance rules in England/Scotland between caravans are 6 meters and then it doesn't mean from caravan wall to caravan wall. If we had taken out our awning it should have been 6 meters from the awning edge to the next caravan wall. That is distance of security. No wonder that the pitches are so large.

18/7 We go through the Highlands and pass right of Inverness and towards Culloden Moor. On the way we pass an old battlefield, that now was an attraction. You could walk through the field, read signs and listen to the sounds of war.

If you are this close, you simply must check if Nessie was at home. She wasn't. Loch Ness is a beautiful lake. You can go here by boat from Inverness. In Lewinton there is a large Loch Ness centre. South of Lewinton is the ruins of Urquhart Castle. We had very much wanted to have a look at that, but there was a queue to the parking, so we gave up.

20/7 Today we had a very hard trip, 80 kilometres. The worst of all though was that the rain was pouring down. The warden was off duty this day, but greeted us anyway since we had booked from Barnard Castle. It is not necessary to book in advance if you're not going to popular places like Edinburgh or the city camping of York.

21/7 The Whiskey Trail lies like a small hexagon in the landscape. We visited 5 distilleries. Glenfiddich had free tour and afterwards tasting. The other wanted money for the tour, but gave you a voucher to use in the shop instead. We went the tour at Glenfiddich, and visited only the shops at the others.

22/7 We had had discussions of where we should go today. Someone said Aberdeen, but we couldn't find a camping there. The tourist information at British camps is absolutely fabulous. Beside the small leaflets they have about their own campings in the area, there is so very much to collect in forms of leaflets/brochures. Therefore we knew that there was a camping south of Aberdeen in Stonehaven. In Stonehaven we had the nicest homemade hamburgers in a very long time, at an Irish pub, O'Malley's, in Scotland.

23/7 We had sightseeing in Edinburgh, since we didn't trust the camping signs we saw. There are many camp sites, but few as this one! Outside the camp site is the bus that goes straight in to the city, perfect. It is nice not to have to take the car with you into town, with the risk of not finding parking and perhaps even get the car stolen or broken into.

26/7 Now we have seen all when it comes to signs. One sign showing steep uphill 15% and shortly afterwards the opposite. Maybe it was 10 metres between them. And then the road straight to heaven. And the car in front of us just disappeared. It was like riding a roller coaster.

York has one of the world's oldest pubs. A part of it is from 1000 century. Ye Old Starr Inn got the license in 1644. Was it then they invented the licenses?

29/7 We have reach our goal. It feels a bit strange, we think we've been here long enough.

Lincoln too is an old city. Magna Carta was kept in Lincoln Cathedral for a period. There is a restaurant at the top of Step Hill with that name.

From the rally there are buses going into the city and in the city it stops at 6 different places. Also this is a good thing. You don't have the car to go places. But since the area is so big and since the bus stop is so far away, we take the car when we must purchase food.

4/8 We give up! No it is not like that, but we have a ferry that we can't miss. Goes this day to Canterbury and we're wishing that we went yesterday, so we had got the time to visit the city.

5/8 The negative thing with a ferry from England is that you looses one hour. Now we are in a hurry. We must find a camp site in Germany to get in time. By the river Lippe is a camp site, Lippetal. Closest village is Hünxe. Mostly occupied by seasons guests, but the warden managed to give us place. Nice food in the Gasthaus in the area.

6/8 8 In Flensburg at Citti was it time to load the caravan with food and drink. To shop in England was only a thing you did 'cos you had to have food and drink. It was not cheap there!

7/8 Our friends leave us. Their ferry is due tonight, ours tomorrow night. We go slowly up to Billund and only relax.

8/8 The midnight ferry arrives at Gothenburg shortly before 4 in the morning. Kent feels like a teenager and drives on in the pouring rain. Close to Mariestad we stop at Rattugglan Rasta and sleeps (about 6) for about 4 hours. We are home about 14.00.

We think that this holiday has been the best in many ways. The most expensive so far but best.

The whole holiday: 6604 km

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