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1998 Calella, Costa del Maresme, Spain

Our second trip to Spain! This time we travel partially with company. But we started out alone.

26/6 We go as far as possible the first day, all the way to Lerum. The camp site is still nice. We found a small centre about 20 minutes away by foot.

27/6 Night ferry time again. We don't like it, but it is little cheaper than going by day and there are a lot more seats to choose from. Goes all the way down to Hamburg from the ferry and that is extremely long to go for us. Are we in a hurry?

28/6 Keeps up the pace and goes to Nehren in one day. So far it has been long days for us if you count the kilometres. On this camping we got a special pitch, with view over the river Mosel. At last we are staying here. It is some years ago we said that we would. The warden has put our caravan across a pitch so that the long side of the caravan is towards the Mosel. With help from surrounding campers it went all right. Now we will wait for our friends, Stig and Aira from Norrköping, they're coming from another road from Sweden.

29/6 Now we can throw our map away, we follow the friends. They have gone these roads approx. 10 times before. But we don't get that early start as we use to, and we're rest more often too, so the days are now longer even in count of the hours. That doesn't matter at all.

30/6 The last day of travel already! Today we got a fairly early start. The fees for the motorway in France have risen with 2Francs, 332Francs this year. The fee in Spain was 915Pesetas. The route was the same as last year, so that's no news.

We're standing on terrace H, last year on G. The friends had booked in advance and are now on terrace C, it is in the sun but the wind is more frequent here than on H.

The holiday flows on. We're doing some excursions, visits restaurants and so on. The friends want to go to the medieval village of Pals and ask if we want to come too. Of course we will. Their car has air condition which is really useful in this hot weather. We can certainly recommend a visit to Pals.

It rained one day, for one hour! The temperature dropped 10 degrees centigrade, from 29 to 19. Then it was cold! Brrrr!

16/7 Now it is time for us to leave. Our friends can stay longer. They have more days to use. First stop is Bourg-en Bresse (as usual).

17/7 Next stop Nehren (again). It is nice here, but the village is really small. You can walk through it in 5 minutes along the road and 10 minutes upwards. The camping itself lies on a small island in the river with a short bridge (15-20 meters). When you've crossed the bridge from the camping and then crossed the road, you're almost inside a wine shop. It has always been open when we have been to it, and the lady in charge is very nice and she sells nice (sweet) white wines.

19/7 Camping Schnelsen-Nord sometimes known as the IKEA camping is also a nice camping. Not to close to the motorway. Sometimes there are Swedish personnel in the reception.

21/7 Nothing beats waiting, the saying goes. There is nothing more dull than to wait for the ferry going home and particularly not if it leaves in the middle of the night. The parking lot in Saeby is more than windy. The refrigerator went on an off all the time.

22/7 A moderate leg after a midnight ferry is approx. 200 kilometres, so we end up at Ekuddens Camping again. It is still nice.

23/7 Home again at about 12.30.

The whole holiday: 5832 km

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