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1996 Alsóörs, Hungary

The fourth rally! To the exciting Hungary. When the holiday was over and the films developed it was clear that the camera had not been in its best mood, and therefore no photos from Hungary.

20/7 On the first day we take it easy and go only to Kristinehamn and the Cabby parking lot. Here we wait for friends that had been to the NCT in Selbu, Norway. It was good they said.

21/7 Aspen camping in Lerum is a nice camp site. It is not far to the ferry in Gothenburg. We have chosen not to take the night ferry this year.

22/7 The disadvantage with not taking the night ferry is that there are no empty seats to be found. We find our way again to Citti in Flensburg and shop a bit. In Flensburg you're allowed to stay at Citti's parking lot for a night, you're not allowed to do that in Lübeck. But the same thing applies here as at T/R. Don't be alone as campers!

23/7 Well, well once more in Kassel. And for the third time there is thunder. And we had problems finding the place this year as well.

24/7 T&R Donautal is a quite nice Tank & Rast. There's often a restaurant or "imbiss" in these places, so you don't have to make dinner.

25/7 We cross Austria and go straight on to the Lake Balaton and Alsóörs. When we arrive it had rained for about 1 hour, so where we should "put" the caravan it was more or less a mud hole. But we managed to get in place.

Then it dried up. And after what we can recall, there were no more rain in Hungary.

It was fabulously cheap in Hungary. And it is always satisfying to be able to buy things without to have to turn over every forint.

1/8 We leave the rally at about 10.30 and about 14.00 we are close to the border. But the customs are checking each and every vehicle, so we have crossed the border at about 15.30. Our car/caravan is not searched. Thank heavens! After a sightseeing tour of Vienna, along the river Donau we finally found Donaupark camping Tulln again. As was as nice as the last time.

2/8 Now we take the Donau romantische strasse back to Germany that is the road on the upper side of Donau. What a landscape! Marvellous! And the villages. We saw one that had a blue church, and I reach for the camera to take a picture of it. The road now dips down under the village! Don't remember the name either. We stay at Dreifluss camping outside Irring in Germany. Nice camping. Unpleasant warden.

We go through the Frankenwald and become totally enchanted, it is so beautiful (in spite of the rain). At last Kent says that he can't stand it any longer, so we found our way to the motorway again. In Issigau we found the nicest little camping. Easy way in to the village. There was a monument over fallen Germans that had fought against King Gustav II Adolf. It was not funny to see that! We didn't know that the king had gone so far south.

4/8 Now we take another road in old East Germany, sometime as grey as on earlier trip, sometimes quite cosy. The day grew long, because we couldn't find any camp sites. Before we reach Hamburg we decide to try to find the camp site beside IKEA. And we find it! Swedish spoken in the reception, thank you. It is walking distance to IKEA if you felt like doing that. Nice sanitary rooms and in spite that it is fairly close to A7, you're not disturb much of it.

5/8 Time to save money again. The parking lot by Citti is quite OK. The police is patrolling the area a couple of time per night. That feels secure. The money flies when we go shopping.

6/8 Goes on the west coast of Denmark, up to Esbjerg and then to Billund (again). We want to take a look at Ribe, on of Denmark's oldest cities. But Ribe didn't want us to do that. Parking is prohibited for car with caravan. But if we had had a mobile home on four wheels it would have been OK.

8/8 We shall go by the night ferry back to Sweden, so we stay on the Statiol petrol station in Saeby until it's time to go.

9/8 Ekuddens camping in Mariestad is nice. The showers could have been better, but it's OK.

The whole holiday: 5261 km

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