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1995 Odense, Danmark

Our first NCT (Nordic Caravan Rally)!

4/7 The camp site in Lidköping is nicely situated beside the lake Vänern. Good sanitary rooms. Cable TV if one choose electric hook up. We have never got any more channels than the three ordinary ones. But that's OK with us.

5/7 Delsjöns camping we liked so and so. Perhaps the weather had a point in that, because it rained both the days we were here, and that made the floor in the shower rooms look like a mud hole.

8/7 Then we ended up at Billunds camp site again. It's a good place to stop at. Not the most beautiful view you've seen... It is walking distance to the village Billund. You walk through a park where it stands sculptures and other installations on the way. Nice, but mostly unintelligible!

10/7 NCT is mainly the same thing as a FICC, no other countries but the Nordic ones are present. The programme is mostly the same too. Meet people, check the surroundings. A NCT lasts for 7 days. Odense was a very nice city especially in the older parts. Houses from 1689 for example.

We made a couple of small excursions. To the building of the bridge across Stora Bält for example. And a trip to Langeland.

16/7 TThe way home went straight up to Frederikshavn and the wait for the night ferry again, but this time we were prepared for it. You get tired any way. Caravan Clubs camping Sollid situated on the island of Orust is very nice. Just along the seaside.

19/7 The last night on this holiday we stayed at Cabby's parking lot, which is permitted during the summer when the factory is closed in July. Electric hook up is also available.

The whole holiday: 2880 km

Road choice 1995

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