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Photos 1991

1991 Vysoké Tatry, Czechoslovakia

The second trip.

This trip was planned as carefully as last years, with roads and camp sites choose in advance. Of course there is the possibility to change your mind.

20/7 We choose to stay at Luhrpassets Camping even this year. It had declined since last year, so it was even worse.

21/7 Then we went to a much nicer camping, Dalabadets in Trelleborg. We really enjoyed it here, in spite of the wind. And it is very close to the ferry. Very positive.

22/7 The first camp site in Germany was nice too, but the warden placed everybody that arrived, which meant that it became rather tight between the caravans. No security distance here!

23/7 Then we went on back roads down to Kassel, and it was unbelievably beautiful. The city camping in Kassel is nice, with lots of flowers and cats, large and small. The way we came in to Kassel was very well signed to the camp site and other things. A large sign showed a lot of things in different coloured arrows to each thing. After a while only the arrows where left that showed the way and then we had (of course) forgot which colour led to the campsite, so we went on a little sightseeing.

24/7 We saved some money the following night and stayed on a petrol station. Not at all very quite, with lots of lorries all around and they had cooling systems going all night. AND they were very early risers. Most of them went about 6 in the morning.

25/7 The following camp site is probably the best one we ever been too, all categories. The pitches were in a "circle" with 8 caravans. In the middle where water outlets, wastebasket, place to wash the dishes and bicycle parking. Free showers and they were cleaned 2-3 times a day. Outside the camping is the train going to Vienna. The only disadvantage with this camping is that the doves like it here too, and they are up all day shouting (and half the nights).

26/7 The trip in the Slovakian part of Czechoslovakia was exciting. We were held in the passport control, where the wife were sent in to the passport control (indoors), with the three passports, while the husband and son where left in the car, during that time, a customs officer looked at the car and caravan. On the outside! The wife gets stamps in all of the passports (1 face showed) and then we could leave. Bratislava needed to put on new surface on the streets, otherwise it was well signed to the direction we wanted to go to. Some parts of the country were very beautiful. Slovakia is mostly forests. Larger cities looks likes "ghettos" à la Tensta/Rinkeby. Grey concrete buildings, row after row. When we arrived in Poprad we were stopped by the police that said welcome and show us which way to go! We already knew that, so we were a bit frightened of what should happen. In V. Lomnica waved the police to us which way to go to get into the rally area. The ones without the proper sign on the car had to turn around and go another way.

The rally this year was held beside the Tatra Mountains and it was unbelievably beautiful here. The weather gods was not with us this year, it rained most of the time. On day, however, it was sunshine and very hot. That day we should participate in an excursion to the ice caves of Dobsina. Isn't it typical that we should go underground when at last there was sunshine! The caves where magnificent.

1/8 Autokempink Obora was also a nice camping, beside the river Moldau. They didn't have the same connector as we have, but we rented an extension cable with their connector, for twice as much as the camping fee, but we got the money back when we returned the cable the day after.

2/8 To go thru old Eastern Germany was also an experience. Grey, grey, grey, and grey. Not particularly funny. The weather didn't make it better either, with rain, rain and then again rain. We found a camp site west of Berlin and Potsdam beside the river Havel. It is very nice. Terraced.

Then we arrive at the worst camp site this holiday. Campingplatz Altefähr. It is situated on Rügen. We hope very much (if it still is there) that it has been renovated. The position was good, 5 minutes to the beach with very fine sand, and a nice view over Stralsund.

5/8 Osby camping is also recommendable, even if it's sloping a bit. Close to the beach, for the ones who likes that.

The whole holiday: 5170 km

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