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2003 Montmeló, Spain

The PC is a company this year as well, but we have used another route planner, Autoroute. We will see if it is like the reality.

18/7 We starts from a sunny and warm Bålsta around 10. Arrives at Himmelstalunds Camping in Norrköping about 2. Still warm, almost a little too warm.

19/7 Leaves Norrköping about 10 with Stig och Laila in a car behind us. Stops for the night at Rastplats Mölletofta near Stidsvig.

20/7 We do think that the night hasn't been calm. 3 car alarms has made noice, but luckely, it is not one of ours. Goes towards Helsingborg at 8 and takes the ferry over to Denmark at 9. At 12.30 we are in Rödby and can take place on the ferry leaving 12.45 for Puttgarten. It's running smoothly! When we arrive in Lübeck and Schönböcken the car thermometer shows 34 degrees Centigrade!! And it is not raining! That is strange! We cannot eat dinner until late because of the heat. We're sitting outside the caravans playing cards until almost 11 when it has cooled down a bit.

21/7 Today is shoppingday. Shops at both Citti and Aldi. Now there's a refund on cans in Germany too, but it is a bit expensive I think. 25 cent per can! We bought a 6-pack of Cola at Aldi for 1,29 and then the refund was added, 1,50! Sum 2,79. The sky is grey until the afternoon but it is still warm. The TV weather has forecasted rain. It would perhaps be nice with a shower of rain now!

22/7 Today we're going to take a different road than normally. And how different it was. At a certain point we almost thought that we hade come to the end of the line (that is the ? in the road choice). But we arrived at our destination. The camp site we had choosen wasn't really nice. The showers and toilets looks alright. And there is a greek restaurant on the site. According to a brochure that we got it is a 10 minutes walk into Hameln itself, but it is too hot so we didn't even try. It wasn't cheap either, €17 per family incl. electricity.

23/7 Today we fill up the cars with the most expensive petrol so far. €1,13/litre. Shouldn't it be cheaper when we get southwards? Arrives at our camp site in Nehren around 1/2 6, but there is room for us anyhow.

24/7 Is almost waken by the church bells at 8. Is that something new they've begun with in the village? Goes to Cochem to fill up the car and buys a little sister to the wife.

25/7 Church bells today as well! Arrives at Épinal around 1/2 3 and the reception is closed. The men takes a look around and finds a spot for us to stand on. Is this a castle park? If so, where is the castle? We're taking a walk while waiting for the reception to open. And we find a Parc du Chateau! It is like a Skansen in miniature, well perhaps not. There are animals in cages, zebras, deers, emus and so on. But where is the castle? It doesn't matter, the entrance was free of charge and it was a happy surprise.

26/7 It rains a lot during the night, but the temperature doesn't sink much. Takes the wrong way in Vesoul and in Besancon. Most wrong in Vesoul. Arrives at B-n-B as we should though. And now it is HOT. 34 degrees Centigrade or there about. We managed to go to the store (Casino) despite the heat, but inside it was cool. Thunder and rain during the afternoon, but not much cooler after that.

27/7 Thunder and rain during the night, but it stops when it is time for us to leave. Shortly before St-Etienne there is a real thunderstorm that almost gets us to a stop. Then when we take the "beautiful" road N82 from St-Etienne we can't see a thing! The rain has made the whole valley misty. And not only the valley, we can hardly see the road either. It runs hither-dither and upwards. When we reach the top we are at 1161 meters height, then it goes down in the same way and the thunder is following us. But it doesn't reach us. When we've settled at the camp site in St Nazaire-en-Royans the warden comes by and warns us for more hard weather. Rain and perhaps a hailstorm. We'll wait and if it comes true. The camp site has 75 pitches and very fine sanitary rooms.

28/7 The church bell chimes every hour with a half dark tone. It hasn't disturb us during the night. Takes the car into the village (though it is at a walking distance) to do some shoping, but we can't find a store. On the other hand you can find Grotte de Thaïs here. 15000 years old caves that has been the home of some Cro-Magnon people. An aqueduct build in 1876 is also to be seen. From Monday to Friday the baker comes into the campsite, with his car and sells the breakfast bread. All around the campsite he goes. Very nice indeed.

St Nazaire is situated near the Vercors (as I belive the mountains are called). In the reception at the camp site is a map covering the mountains and with road plans and what is to be seen there.

29/7 Today we go to Beziers on the smaller roads. We don't want to pay motorway toll! We had booked at the camp site Clairac already in January (they open in April), only to make sure that we had a place there. The camp site has 25 pitches. The road from N9 is 2 kilometres long grabbel road à la washboard, so you can't go fast. Lotta greats us and shows us the pitches she's been saving for us. Under some cypresser (gives some shadow). Close to the sanitary house are they too. Lotta makes "homemade" mini baguettes for breakfast. The camp site has pitches out in the blazing sun as well, and we're lucky to be able to avoid that.

30/7 Time to check out Beziers, but we only get to the centre Auchan. We walk around for a couple of hours without really spending any money. Today it is as hot as in a sauna. Today we also find another road out from the camp site, D28. The question is can we pass thru here with the caravans?

31/7 Today too we go to Beziers to check it out and ends up in the middle of it. We drives a long in snail speed through the city and are trying to find some signs showing us where the sevärdheterna are. The signs shows mostly where the hotels and restaurants are situated. At last we find a sign to Canal de Midi and then to Les 9 escluses (The 9 locks). We are lucky to arrive at the right time to be watching lockage of three not to small boats (ships?!). Today it is not as hot as a sauna, it was cloudy all morning and therefore only 24 degrees Centigrade.

1/8 We took the D28 out and it went fine, but we have short caravans (but wide). For the first time this holiday we have 'stau' (though in French) twice today. One smaller outside Narbonne and one larger after Perpignan. We could have left the motorway and gone through Perpignan (since we had heard about the stop on the radio, FM 107.7, in English 2 times every hour), but we didn't think that it would be as it became. Pays €11.80 toll for Beziers to Le Perthus. Then we are in Spain. Pays €9.55 at exit 13 Granollers. The check-in went fast. About 1 minute of stand still until we got directions to our camp. 14.30 we have found our pitch and after a hot hour in the sun the awning has been erected. We are not the last to arrive but almost. So far this holiday we've gone 3164 kilometres.

2/8 Today is the opening ceremony and it it caos. We go along just to show how many swedes that are here, but then we go home again. It is simply too hot. The refrigerator is fighting the heat more than we do.

3/8 Today we take the shuttle bus to Montmeló to find a bank. There is even a shuttle bus within the area, we hitch hike with it for a few 100 metres and it is so nice. Aircondition you know. The bus to Montmeló is almost full and hasn't that good aircondition, but it is cool. This you should perhaps to more. Despite that it is Sunday a shop is open so we shop a little.

Today the Germans have their "evening" and invites anyone who wants to come and they offer eatable specialities from different parts of Germany. We doesn't stay long, we are not alone here as you may well understand.

4/8 We have always wanted to see Montserrat, or rather the monestary at Montserrat. Why? No idea, but "everybody" who has seen it talkes about it. Our friend Tom drive us in our cool car (aircondition of course, what did you think) and it was a nice trip. To Terrassa via Sabadell to exit 13 and then straight up to heaven. And Tom is afraid of heights and is driving! But he manage to stay on the road. It is a very beautiful scenary and in fact a little scary at the top. But you are not afraid of the height. It is the depth you are afraid of. We didn't look at monestary from the inside or at the black madonna, Tom was waiting in the car for to take us down to lower heights. We take another road back to "sea level" and goes round on Sierra de Montserrat and comes down on the other side. We don't know which one that was the most exciting, the monestary or the transport there and back.

6/8 We give up! We want cooler temperature! (We are no bathing ducks). We go north (without S & L, they say they will go to Hungary after the rally), towards Avignon. Pays €9.55 again for the road from exit 13 to La Jonquera. Then we pay €20,50 at Montpellier 2 (south of M). Takes a new ticket at Montpellier 1 (well north of M) and pays €7 at exit 23 Remoulins. After that we driven around the "whole" town we finally find the camp site Bagatelle and gets pitch no 147. Very nice showers and toilets. We can see a part of Avignon from the camp site on the other side of the river Rhone. Despite that we have every window in the caravan open, standing in deep shadow and having the fan on step 2, and a light thunder (since 4) it is still 32 degrees Centigrade indoors at 10.30. You'll faint for less!

7/8 When we arrives at Avignon North to take a motorway ticket, a fire engine comes behind us with the sirenes on and more or less force us to give way (without us having a chance to take a ticket). A girl that is sitting in the booth shouts STOP! (or something like that), but surely we must give way for the fire engine?! Kent then goes an gets a ticket so we can go on. At Vienne we pay €22.60 and we go towards Lyon. Sigh! But it went well beyond our expectations, not on tunnel to go wrong in. And then we end up in Bourg-en-Bresse again. A couple of Swedish rallyfriends arrives too on their way home. We sit out until 10 and talkes but it is still not sleep temperature yet.

8/8 Our friends has already left when we awake. Goes north around 9 and passes the friends at about 10.30 when they're taking a break, and soon they passing us when we're taking a break 45 minutes later. Find our way to Parc du Chateau again and now it is much warmer than the last time. And because we don't have the strenght to cook for dinner, we take a can bought at Citti on the way down. Hungarian gulasch. And that is not perticulary cool to eat but easy. Now we are warm both outside and in! The warden wants to go to Sweden next year in February to see the Swedish Rally. He will definitly get it much cooler there than we have had it here in Épinal.

9/8 Pretty cool when we leave at half past 8, only 25. Fills up the car with the cheapest petrol so far this holiday, €0,79/litre in Luxemburg. Arrives at Nehren at 13.30 and the warden tells us to find a place, makes us some coffee and then come back later to registrar. It is terrribly HOT! We had hopes for lower temperature the more north we get. When I'm now writing this in the caravan, in Nehren, with all the windows open and the fan on step 2, the sweat is running in streams down my face. It is not nice at all. The thermometer shows now (at 5.40hrs) 37,6 degrees Centigrade. The probe is in the air hatch and has been in the shadow since we arrived.

10/8 The automatic wake-up call comes from the church bells (it was the same last year, but the year before that?). Buys some good wine from the lady across the street and she's so happy that we only buys wine from her and not from the other 2 (or are they 3?). Gets an extra bottle for free. The restaurant in the village has closed down completely (!?) and at the hotel you have to book a table in advance, but the camp site has their own imbiss now and here we're having dinner tonight. Jägerschnitzel mit pommes. Super! Only €18,60 for two with beer.

11/8 Today we're trying the other camp site in Hameln, it is about 5 kilometers from the city. We think though that this is a nicer place, not as crowded as the last one. The sanitary block must have been newly built or something because it was super nice. The shower token was €1,-/each, but then you had warm water for 7 minutes and that is probably the longest period we ever experienced.

12/8 For some unknown reason I'm awake at 3 in the morning and checks the temperature. 8 (eight) degrees Centrigrade! LOVELY! In Lübeck there is almost a new rally again. We rallygoing swedes seems to meet here every year.

13/8 Shopping time! But not so much, we have some things with us from Spain and so on. Today it is not so hot, black clouds rides the sky but no rain comes. Some people tells us that in Travemünde, 20 kilometres away, it's raining very much. Hmm.

14/8 Our prebooked cabin (booked 29/1) is really nice. It is called Front de luxe, and our view is out of the front of the ship. But the view is only nice when we see the shore out at sea it is rather boring. The ship provides us with soap and shampoo. It is called Peter Pan and is 1 year old. When we arrive in Trelleborg it is only 12 degrees and the wind is blowing like...
We arrive at Hyltena around 10 and it is raining like .....

15/8 Comes home to our little home where we belong at noon. It has been a good holiday.

The whole holiday: 6089 km

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